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Intervenant(s) :Filippo Rusconi
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Confirmé
Date :Jeudi 9 juillet 2009
Horaire :14h20
Durée :20 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :Salle E202 - Ireste

massXpert is a software aimed at biologists and chemists who are involved in mass spectrometry experiments dealing with linear (bio-)polymers. The three main biopolymers are nucleic acids, sugars and proteins, but any polymer can be dealt with. Indeed, massXpert allows modeling polymer chemistries into so-called definitions. These polymer chemistry definitions are later used to model (bio-)chemical reactions on polymer sequences along with simultaneous simulation of mass spectrometric data. The software is routinely used by the author for experimental mass spectrometric research work on biopolymers.

It is fully cross-platform - a real requirement - as it has been designed to be a decision making helper tool to be run along with the mass spectrometric experiments. After the experiments, massXpert is used as a mass spectrum interpretation tool. This Free Software package (GPLv3) is available at http://www.massxpert.org.

Filippo Rusconi is a scientist at the Centre national de la Recherche scientifique, where he works in bio-analytical chemistry (mainly of proteins). While doing his PhD in analytical chemistry of post-translational protein modifications, at the debuts of mass spectrometry of large bioplymers (early-nineties), he felt the lack of software designed to ease the interpretation of mass spectrometric data. He decided, as a post-doctoral fellow of the Ecole polytechnique-X, to write such a software along with his "real" experiments.

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