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The LSM/RMLL All Over The World !

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The AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) (Francophony University Agency) is a world wide network of 693 universities which groups intellectual elites. The AUF are highly favouring the Libre and open formats which are vectors of knowledge sharing ; they have activated their network so that members of the Libre community who would desire could take part to the LSM/RMLL during videoconferences. This fact demonstrates the increasing span and the various strenghts of the Libre revolution. This is why Wednesday 8th will offer permanent live sessions with countries in Africa, Asia and Central Europe.

This shows that ethically based networks with the Libre principles can collaborate to show their vision and to favour rich and long-time interchanges.

We’re sure that, in the future, coordinating the members of the Libre community will lead to the deep changes that have been long awaited.

The programme :
- Free software in Vietnam
(from Hanoï, Vietnam)
- Free educational software in Taïwan
- The “Learn Free” project and its advantages over other projects _(from Sofia, Bulgaria)
- Production and publication of free-access knowledge _(from Yaoundé, Cameroun)
- Case study on the development of a micro-credit bank _(from Bamako, Mali)
- Free educational software in Tunisia _(from Tunis, Tunisia)
- Free educational software in Burundi _(from Bujumbura, Burundi) * CHALA : Club des Hommes et Femmes d’Affaires du Libre en Afrique (Club of Businessmen and Women in Africa)
(from Abidjan, Ivory Coast).

The schedule for these conferences is available through the programme page.

Link for live streaming