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The RMLL (in French Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) aka LSM (Libre Software Meeting) are to take place July 7-11 in Nantes, France (Pays de la Loire region). The organization team invites you to take part to this free event. The opening session will happen on Tuesday, July 7th at 9:00am in the conference theatre #1 of the IRESTE (Polytech’Nantes).

What are the LSM ? They are an event the association Linux-Nantes is carrying out along with many Linux user groups from the whole country and with the help of the local authorities. Nantes, which is also called the “Venice of West”, is then becoming the meeting point of numerous nationalities.

The organization team wanted that the 10th edition be centered around migration and change management towards Free software. We hope this will be an enriching experience to all.

During 5 days, we’ll have more than 300 conferences, round tables and workshops with 200 speakers and lecturers. This year, 30% of conferences will be hold in English. Be they novices, experts, professionals or just curious, our visitors will find high-level professionals who will answer their questions.

From Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th, the LSM will take place at the University of Nantes (Polytech’Nantes). On Saturday 11th, the all public day will hold on the Île de Nantes in the building named « Ateliers et Chantiers de Nantes » (Nantes Shipyard). That day at 10:00am, Mr Richard M. Stallman, the initiater ot the GNU project, will give a conference in the conference theatre Kerneis (Université de Nantes).

These LSM will be a wide opened window on Free software. We’ll explain and show all of its perspectives. We invite you to come and discover this world that spans well beyond information technology. The 10th LSM will be an occasion to introduce whole new topics, such as “Publishing and Knowledge Sharing”, “Free Hardware”, “Social and Solidarity Economy” and “Culture and Libre Art”. The latter will be illustrated through a Free music concert at the AlterCafé).

Conferences and Round Tables Themes Culture and Libre Art, Publishing and Knowledge Sharing, Embedded Systems and Free Hardware, Communities, Games, Administration and Public Policies and Local Authorities, Business, Social and Solidarity Economy, Education and Popular education, Internet and Communication, Computer Graphics and Printing, Accessibilty and Handicap, Health, Software and Free Resources for Scientific Research, Systems and Security, Telephony, Video-conference and Video over IP, Development.

The LSM are enriching ! Several scientific days are organized by research teams from the Laboratoire d’Informatique Nantes Atlantique (LINA) (Nantes Atlantic Computing Lab) besides the LSM. They are themed to “Apache UIMA” by the LINA language processing team, to “ATL”, by the meta-models LINA/EMN team, to “Choco”, by the Constraints LINA/EMN team. A special “Acceleo” day will be hold as the development day.

The LSM/RMLL All Over The World ! [The AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) (Francophony University Agency) is a world wide network of 693 universities which groups intellectual elites. The AUF are highly favouring the Libre and open formats which are vectors of knowledge sharing ; they have activated their network so that members of the Libre community who would desire could take part to the LSM/RMLL during videoconferences. This fact demonstrates the increasing span and the various strenghts of the Libre revolution. On Wednesday, July 8th we’ll have permanent full duplex connections with countries in Africa, Asia and Central Europe.

Don’t forget the Associations Village ! The Associations Village is the center point of the LSM. This is a show where Free software associations have their booths where they display their deeds and projects and where they dialog with users, initiated, beginners or just curious. Free software will be on permanent demonstration.