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Presentation Of XiVO

Traduction(s) de cet article : français
Intervenant(s) :Sylvain Boily
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Débutant
Date :Mardi 7 juillet 2009
Horaire :14h40
Durée :40 minutes
Langue :Français
Lieu :Salle E121 - Isitem

Lecturer : Sylvain Boily

XiVO is a software developed by the Proformatique company, which allows to install a full telephony system in your business. XiVO brings the coupling brick between telephony and your IT systems. XiVO is distributed under the GPLv3. It is based upon the Asterisk software. XiVO is made of a web management interface that gives the administrator all necessary tools to handle the telephony system and a server for configuration and extensions management. Thus the deployement of a telephony-IT coupling server and a multi-platform client based upon QT4 is quick and simple.

The conference demonstrates XiVO, its functionalities and potential for business use. People who don’t know asterisk yet will also have a quick glance at it.

Format : conference & demo

Public : everyone.