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Package deployment with OCS Inventory NG

Traduction(s) de cet article : français
Intervenant(s) :Emmanuel Guillory
Type d'événement :Conférence
Date :Jeudi 9 juillet 2009
Horaire :14h00
Durée :40 minutes
Langue :Français
Lieu :Salle E123 - Isitem

Description : OCS Inventory NG is a well known software due to its inventory capabilities and, coupled with GLPI, it provides a global open source solution for it asset management.

But few people know the OCS capabilities to distribute software or patches in mix environment (Unix and Windows). Indeed, OCS Inventory NG enables a company to deploy latest OpenOffice.org version on more than 60 000 computers in less than 5 days.

This talk will try to explain OCS Inventory NG deployment mechanisms, from package building to static/dynamic computer groups, or deployment relay servers and automatic rules for computer assignment to deployment relay servers.

Speaker : Emmanuel Guillory

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