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Night Events Programme

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The RMLL/LSM 2009 will take place at the Student’s Club (in French : "Pôle étudiant") on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights (Friday night free music concert will happen in another place !)

Here’s the detailed programme of the Night Events :

Tuesday, July 7th

Concerts with :
- Pier + 3 Mc
- Rafiralfiro Solo
- Pittbull the Sexydog
- Tsunami Wazahari

Wednesday, July 8th

Concerts with :
- TdBt & the Garys
- Julian Angel
- Sam

Thursday, July 9th

Don’t forget the Free software banquet being given that night !

Movie Projection :
- Sita sing the blues


- Le Bal des Innocents

Friday, July 10th

Mind you : the Student’s Club is not open on Friday nights. This is why we have a meeting point for a concert of free music at the Alter Café