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Libre Software Applications in Telecentres and Community Multimedia Centres

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Intervenant(s) :Fouad Bajwa
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Confirmé
Date :Vendredi 10 juillet 2009
Horaire :15h00
Durée :20 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :Amphi I - Ireste

- This presentation covers the guide to use of Libre Software in the Telecentre environment from the report "Telecenters and Community Resource and Information Centers in Pakistan", written for the World Bank, this 279-page document is a study of telecentres in Pakistan and in different parts of the world, especially India and Sri Lanka, as context for analysis of Pakistan’s telecentre development direction.
- The author contributed a section in the In a section entitled "Pakistan’s Case for Sustainable Development with FOSS". Libre Software Advocate Fouad Bajwa states that hardware suppliers are selling technology with pirated software that cannot be replaced when it expires or malfunctions due to cost, resulting in the flooding of pirated software CDs into large computer hardware vendor markets, creating a culture of using pirated proprietary software unknowingly. Because, according to this section, software piracy is not only a crime under international and national copyright law, but it can also destroy computers and data, the solution promoted by this study is Libre Software, for the following reasons :
- 1. Less dependence on imports ;
- 2. Lowered cost of purchase ;
- 3. Flourishing internet and communication technology (ICT) production with local software development ;
- 4. Interoperability ; and
- 5. Avoiding multinational vendor lock-ins.
- The opportunity, as stated here, exists for a Pakistani "FOSS ecosystem" of learning communities, user groups, civil society ICT foundations, government initiatives, and international support organizations. The final section puts forth business models with sample calculations using commercial software or Libre Software and then charts of revenues and purchase costs, costs and selling prices of services, and operating costs.

Fouad Bajwa is a South Asian Free Libre / Free and Open Source Software FOSS advocate renowned in Pakistan and globally for his contributions towards the Freedom of Use of Software for Human Development. He is currently involved in a global ICT Access and Digital Inclusion campaign involving providing 1 billion computers running FOSS to 1 billion the underprivileged people on planet that have yet to use or access computers and the internet. This program is being carried out by the Gerry Morgan Foundation Canada where Fouad is responsible for identifying and developing strategic global ICT4D partnerships to meet this goal and works mainly with the FOSS community to identify programs.

- He was the founder of the Free and Open Source Software Foundation and Community in Pakistan and initiated various programs for promoting FOSS in the country and other regions. In 2005, his program trained over 7000 people and most notably women in use of Linux and respecting human intellect. 4800 Linux users were certified during this activity. Over half a million of Free Libre CDs have been distributed all over Pakistan since then. In Pakistan, he currently leads the Linux Professional Institute LPI-Pakistan office and is a Team Lead for the Ubuntu Linux LoCo Team Pakistan and is a member of the Champions Network of the prestigious ICT Challenge & Award, the Stockholm Challenge. He has Co-Founded various ICT, FOSS and Philanthropic (Technology for Human Development) initiatives around the world and has presented at numerous conferences and facilitated FOSS meetings and trainings.

- He is a computer scientist by education, a social innovator and entrepreneur by passion and he has worked with local and international organizations and is a part time FOSS Evangelist and part time Writer and Trainer. Fouad believes that information and knowledge enabled by technology can save lives and is a vehicle for overcoming poverty and engaging nations within the drive for becoming knowledge economies, therefore he catalyzes resource mobilization for such efforts. In this regard, he devised the FOSS Models for "Telecenters & Community Resource and Information Centers in Pakistan" under the World Bank Universal Service Fund for Pakistan. IFOSSF documents.

- Fouad also serves on the Working Groups for the IT Policy formulation by the Ministry of IT and Telecom, Government of Pakistan. He leads activities involving the national ICT think tank and advocacy for ICT for development in South Asia. He is a scholar on Internet Governance and has undertaken numerous projects within the framework of Governance and Institutional Performance Management and an international trainer for FOSS, e-Governance, e-Government and ICT Applications.

- He maintains a blog at www.askbajwa.com for sharing knowledge and fun !
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