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La Poule ou l’Œuf (Chicken Or Egg) : A Networked Self-Service

Traduction(s) de cet article : français
Intervenant(s) :Chloé Girard, chargée de projet, David Dauvergne, concepteur/développeur.
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Débutant
Date :Vendredi 10 juillet 2009
Horaire :14h40
Durée :60 minutes
Langue :Français
Lieu :Salle C008 - Ireste


- Chloé Girard, project management,
- David Dauvergne, conception/development.
- Contact : chloe.girard@lescomplexes.com

Duration : 1 hour.

The Conference

La Poule ou l’Œuf (Chicken or Egg) is the first and only web application aimed at writing, publishing and exploiting "book"-type documents. Though it is part of CMSs, it is also the most advanced wysiwyg XML editor of its time.

The software is targeting the book needs (structure, typography and semantic aspects) while gaining the benefits of web services and tools (interaction, management, query, connection of the data with external data, etc.)

Opposite to an eBook approach as a static file trying to mimic paper and distributed in a "postal web", this application offers to enter the web-service era. And this in reading and writing modes as well as in knowledge management.

Chicken or Egg offers the production of book-applications which are also book-services (see diagram -> http://www.lescomplexes.com/pouleoeuf/images/semantiques site.png]) :
- writing and composition service : online XML wysiwyg editor, colloection composition for a formal unity of contents, specific table of contents that can be modified until closure, collaborative writing, etc.
- multi-format publishing service, multi-lingual, multi-dimensional (books with several reading levels), "à la carte",
- web services : closure, differential streams, (author)publisher/printer communication, web-to-print, communication with libraries and catalogs, interconnection between books, data querying,

Opposite to the "formatting chain" workflow, the Chicken or Egg workflow ensures each and every editing process specificity and evolution. This is necessary in order to deal with the various contents that respond to various needs : conservation, accessibility, protection, indexing, management, leisure, work, mobile reading, printing, etc. (see diagram ).

The contents are generated in XMLaTeX format that is intended as an answer to current publishing processes and not only web or paper.

Targeted Audience

Users : any professional or associative structure needing to publish reports and internal or external documents ; professional publishers, esp. in technical and scientific litterature ; universities and university editions for thesis and monography publishing.


The La Poule ou l’Œuf project was granted the Lutèce d’Or 2008, category "most innovative project in free development"


- Official site : http://www.PouleouOeuf.org
- Framabook forge : http://forge.framabook.org
- Les Complexes association blog : http://www.lescomplexes.com/blog
- Forum : http://www.lescomplexes.com/forum
- Tutorial : http ://www.lescomplexes.com/tuto