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Interview : Clément Oudot (LemonLDAP ::NG)

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Clément Oudot : LemonLDAP ::NG contributor and project member.

LSM 2009 talk : LemonLDAP ::NG

Hello Clément. May you introduce yourself ?

I met free software in early 2000 and practiced during my college time at Telecom Sud Paris. I early specialized myself into LDAP directories and then Identity management. Currently I work in the LinID team at Linagora since 2003.

How did you decide to contribute to LemonLDAP:NG ? In what project areas are you involved ?

I joined the LemonLDAP ::NG community in 2005 coming from FederID project (free software stack for doing Liberty Alliance federation). I worked on improving product and website (hosted at OW2) graphical aspects. I also work on development focusing on LDAP password management. I try to keep project documentation up to date.

What is the size of LemonLDAP:NG community ? Is it growing up ? What kind of support does it received from companies/organizations ?

Development team has 3 members : Xavier Guimard (founder and project leader), Thomas Chemineau and me. We received some contributions from external individuals, for example, Tomcat and Dokuwiki plugins. LemonLDAP ::NG is currently developped using sponsorship from organizations that are behind current developers : French Police (aka Gendarmerie nationale) which is Xavier’s employer and Linagora which is Thomas and myself one. Clients I work for also allow product improvement by paying for particular development.

What is the position of LemonLDAP ::NG on the IAM market ? What about its free software and proprietary competitors ?

First, LemonLDAP ::NG is a total LemonLDAP rewrite effort which is currently no longer maintained. We have serious free software competitors as CAS and Vulture but LemonLDAP ::NG has unique fine grained access management. Various proprietary IAM software exist as Evidian, SUN or Sign&Go from Ilex.

What is the LemonLDAP ::NG roadmap for the next months ? We hope to be able to provide SAML2 support to give all features to LemonLDAP ::NG required identity federation. Another work in progress is the configuration and admin GUI rewrite effort.

What are your main goals for your talk in Nantes for the LSM’09 ?

I want to promote LemonLDAP ::NG and I hope people will test it after the talk.

Last word : a special wish for this LSM’09 ? Speak and exchange ! Free software’s strength comes from exchange between contributors.

Thank you very much Clément and see you soon at LSM !

Interview made by email by Christophe Brocas, LSM 2009 Systems and Security topic