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Getting To The Tertre Campus

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Campus du Tertre

Tertre Campus, Chemin de la Censive du Tertre, Nantes


By Car

You may get there by car from downtown, but using the ringroad is much easier : get to the "La Chapelle" gate (French word is "porte") and you’re almost there ! Moreover, there are two large parking lots nearby.

By Public Transport

The tramway line #2 has three stops in the Campus, 12 min. away from downtown. You’ll find tramways every 6 min during daytime. The last tramway leaves at 0:30.

The "Petit-Port Facultés" halt is situated in the heart of the campus, 10 mtrs away from the university cafeteria and 150 mtrs away from the university buildings.

The "École Centrale Audencia" and "Morrhonnière Petit Port" stops are on the north and south limits of the campus.

The 51, 70 and 52 bus lines all have a stop somewhere on the campus. They drive across the town east-west and north-south.

The "navibus" Erdre is a boat that links to the town centre.

Biking Or Walking

Bâtiment Censive The bicloo is a bicycle-sharing system. With it you may bike through the whole town centre. You’ll find several cycle tracks around the campus. the bicloo network is only developed in the town centre but we intend to collaborate with the Velo Campus association so that the attendees can find a low-cost bike rental.

From The Station

The navibus has a stop at the railway station, thus it is easy to get to the campus by the waterway.

You’ll get to the campus by tramway in 20 min. :

  • Line #1 direction "François-Mitterrand" or "Jamet" Change at "Commerce" stop.
  • Line #2 direction "Orvault GrandVal" or "École Centrale Audencia"

From The Airport

The TAN shuttle joins the town centre in less than 30 min, hence the campus is 45 min. away.

Nantes public transport site