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From BeOS To Haiku : Opening Of A Community

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Intervenant(s) :François Revol
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Débutant
Date :Vendredi 10 juillet 2009
Horaire :15h20
Durée :20 minutes
Langue :Français
Lieu :Amphi I - Ireste

- Evolution of a died, revived and died again proprietary system (BeOS) user community, towards a renewed group of people, developers and users, placing their expectations in Free Software (Haiku).
- From the genesis of the project to its integration in the Free Software ecosystem, from licence or people conflicts, desertions, fear of focus- shift, openness isn’t always obvious, and sometimes minorities must make their point heard by fighting trolls, even inside the Free Software family. But all’s well that ends well.

François Revol, ESISAR student and Haiku project developer.