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Eclipse Acceleo Day - Introduction

Traduction(s) de cet article : français
Intervenant(s) :Étienne Juliot (OBEO)
Type d'événement :Conférence
Date :Vendredi 10 juillet 2009
Horaire :09h00
Durée :20 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :Ecole des Mines de Nantes

Acceleo is an Eclipse-based toolkit for code generation, with a model based approach. Code generation is the technique of using or writing programs that write source code. Code generators are tools built to serve engineers in the automatic creation of applications. Acceleo is a free software, its development is totally open.

The workshop will be an occasion for some of the users and developers of Acceleo to meet and to exchange ideas. This meeting will also be an opportunity to present some of the planned extensions to this tool and discuss MDE related subjects.

Introduction by Étienne Juliot (OBEO)