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Coll. ATL : Short paper session

Intervenant(s) :Piero Fraternali, Massimo Tisi, Freddy Allilaire, Mathieu Vénisse
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Confirmé
Date :Jeudi 9 juillet 2009
Horaire :11h10
Durée :80 minutes
Lieu :Ecole des Mines de Nantes

Mutation Analysis for Model Transformations in ATL by Piero Fraternali and Massimo Tisi

For Model Driven Engineering to gain acceptance among developers, it is imperative that the coding of transformations be supported by methodologies and tools comparable to those available for traditional programs. In particular, testing is an area were tools are much needed, both for the generation of test suites and for their validation. This paper tackles one of the enabling tools for test suites.

Towards Traceability support in ATL with Obeo Traceability by Freddy Allilaire

ATL is widely recognized as a standard solution for model transformation. In the context of ATL industrialization, a traceability support for ATL will be added. The ongoing development product Obeo Traceability will be used to have this dedicated support. Obeo Traceability will be based on Acceleo Pro Traceability, a product to deal with traceability for Obeo tool chain products like Acceleo (a code generation tool). Acceleo Pro Traceability is a tool for ensuring the smooth integration of the MDA in professional projects. Traceability is an important feature in model-driven development (MDD). Typical software systems are comprised of a large number of artefacts that are all related. There is a need to trace and control these relations. Current approach for dealing with traceability for ATL limits dependencies to program logic by attaching traceability generation code to pre-existing ATL programs. An example of software application cartography will be shown to highlight usefulness of traceability information created and kept during model .

UMLQualityAnalysis : UML models measurements with ATL by Mathieu Vénisse

Formal software design (usually described with UML) is now a must have for Object Oriented application development. Analysts and designers have to structure and optimize models that describe the application. Labor standards are developed to assist in the achievement of reliable, structured, scalable and maintainable software. In this paper, we describe UMLQualityAnalysis : an open source application that allows performing measurements on UML models and checks whether they comply with specific design standards. Results are automatically presented in a report available in several formats. In this paper we focused on the model driven part and explain how measurements are taken...