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Coll. ATL : Guest talk - Antonio Vallecillo

Intervenant(s) :Antonio Vallecillo
Type d'événement :Conférence
Niveau :Confirmé
Date :Mercredi 8 juillet 2009
Horaire :09h00
Durée :60 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :Ecole des Mines de Nantes

Assigning Meanings to Models

Why do we model ? Apart from to generating code, models can have (and should have) many different usages in the realm of Software Engineering including, e.g., understanding and reasoning about the system under study, simulating it, or analyzing its properties before the system is built. For these tasks we need to be able to make questions about the model, and therefore count on languages for expressing both the models and the questions, at the right level of abstraction, and using the appropriate notations. This talk discusses the need to count on different models to describe a system, using different languages, and how semantics can be assigned to them using model transformations. Such semantics define the "meanings" of models, making them amenable to interpretation and analysis. These analyses can range from behavioral simulation and formal reasoning (correctness, validation, model checking) to more agile ones, such as the graphical visualization of models for the detection of design anomalies, for instance.

Antonio Vallecillo is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Málaga, Spain. His research interests include model-driven software development, componentware, open distributed processing, and software quality. He holds the BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics and the PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Málaga. He is the representative of the Málaga University at AENOR, ISO, ITU-T and the OMG, and a member of the ACM, the IEEE, IEEE Standards Associations and the IEEE Computer Society. For further information please visit http://www.lcc.uma.es/ av.