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Call for presentation for the "Libre Culture and Art" topic of the 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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Libre Culture and Art :

Beyond software, the "Libre" concept has reached other types of contents.

The development of transverse medias, the shake-up of consumption patterns, the lack of reactivity from the "classic" distribution agents in front of these metamorphoses... so many parameters which urge the artists to think about their creation and distribution approaches. The "Libre" model, which is tried more and more thanks to the software, attracts creators. What are their motivations ? What are the influences on their artistic activity, on their creation approach ?

Much more than personal initiatives of artists, it is a reflection on the sharing and the valuation of the culture in the contemporary context which is to be led.

This topic proposes the discovery of the contents (sound, photo, literature, cinema) and a reflection, through conferences, discussions and workshops, on the way the "Libre" model can help in the cultural enrichment thanks to the community sharing.

"The culture is made in pubs, not in Beaubourg." (Louis Chevalier)

Call for contributions :

The Libre software meeting (LSM) is an annual event for the free software that take place in France since july 2000. This year, the LSM will take place in Nantes, from the 7th to the 11th July.

This text is the call for presentation of the "Libre Culture and Art" topic. The other topics can be found at this address : http://2009.rmll.info.

We start a large call for contributions :

  • communications : thematic conferences, libre projects presentations, workshops, debates, ...
  • animations : exhibitions, concerts, projections, happenings, ...

To propose to the public a rich and various content, please send your propositons, suggestions and ideas as soon as possible.

For the speakers :

Speechs will be planned to last 20 mns. PDF files are not mandatory but will be appreciated (they will be published on-line after the RMLL, and will be used as archives by the communauty).

If you are planning to come and make a presentation, please send a message to culture@rmll.info, with a summary of your presentation. You can also send this invitation to anyone who could be interested in making a speech.

We have limited resources for transportation (only for those who can’t be repayed by their company) but there is no inscription fees and a low-cost hosting is organised on the site.

"Libre Culture and Art" topic organization team 2009 :

Alexis Lahouze , Benjamin Coudrin, Eric Aouanès