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Call for presentation, concerning the « Free Software and Social and Solidarity Economy » topic of the 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The Libre software meeting (LSM) is an annual event about free software which takes place in France since July 2000. This year, the LSM will take place in Nantes, from the 7th to the 11th July.

This text is the call for presentation about « Free Software and Social and Solidarity Economy » topic. The other topics can be found at this address : http://2009.rmll.info.

« The struggle between proprietary software and free software has been the starting point of our era central conflict ». André Gorz

The underlying aims of the free software movement are built on transparency, mutual exchanges, sharing. Those aims focus on the Social and Solidarity Economy aims : democracy (1 person = 1 voice), everybody is taken into account, preeminence of human being over finance.

Practically, what are the mutual influences between the free software area and the social and solidarity economy ?

Does the growth of free software, with its value system, imply that social and solidarity economy newly takes free software into account ?

Do the social and solidarity economy organizations that adopt free software modify their sight of economical exchanges ?

The « Free Software and Social and Solidarity Economy » topic proposes knowledge contributions about the reality and the aims of social and solidarity economy ; exchanges about the way social and solidarity economy organisations take free software into account ; thoughts about strategic ways to increase free software inside social and solidarity economy organisations.

Moreover, the topic proposes workshops with concrete examples of social and solidarity economy organisations that work with free software, and the way they work, in comparison with organizations thet use proprietary software.

For the speakers

Speechs are planned to last 20 mns. PDF files are not mandatory but will be appreciated (they will be published on-line after the LSM, and will be used as archives by the community).

If you are planning to come and make a presentation, please send a summary of it to sarah.trichet.allaire@gmail.com. You can also send this invitation to anyone who could be interested in making a speech.

We have few funding for transportation (only for those who can’t be repayed by their companies) but there is no inscription fees and a low-cost hosting is organised on the site.

Organisers for the « Free Software and Social and Solidarity Economy » topic : Sarah Trichet-Allaire and Lucien Petit.