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Call for presentation concerning the 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The 10th edition of the Libre Software Meeting will take place in Nantes from July 7th to 11th, 2009. Entitled "Nantes 2009 : Rendez-vous Libres !", this edition focuses on migration and solutions to finally adopt free software, the objective being that visitors learn how they can be free !

We especially consider the international aspect of the LSM : we wish to attract more speakers, contributors and above all, foreign visitors. Hence, we will favor and enhance communications in foreign languages — at least in English — whether it is for summaries or lectures.

As we would like everybody to be able to find information on what they are into, we open this edition of the LSM to new topics, like :

  • "Social and solidarity economy", as we consider that libre software is part of it, through its philosophy and tools.
  • "Publication and Knowledge Sharing"

We particularly also wish to push forward the main topics :

  • "Free art and culture" understandable by everyone, because we consider this as a powerful alternative to be innovative and creative.
  • "Open hardware and embedded systems" for geeks as more and more non-software projects raise up.

On the 2009 LSM site you will find the calls for presentation for the following topics :

In order to propose dense and diversified contents, please send us your suggestions, ideas and propositions of conferences and lectures before March 1st, 2009. For that purpose, write to the responsibles of the concerned topic (addresses are indicated in the calls or at programme@rmll.info).

You can consult the 8th et 9th éditions sites :