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Call For Presentation For The "Business & Corporate" Theme Of The 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The Libre software meeting (LSM) is an annual event for the free software that takes place in France since july 2000. This year, the LSM will take place in Nantes, from the 7th to the 11th July.

This is the call for presentation of the Business & Corporate theme. Other topics can be found at : http://2009.rmll.info.

Free sofware is growing up inside the firms. From desktop to server, everyday a bigger and bigger part is given to these applications. This theme presents the different uses of free software.

Conferences that will be hold within this theme will be mainly focused on migrating from proprietary software to free software. Moreover, some products can be presented as well as real cases.

To the speakers

Conferences will last ca. 30 mins. It is possible though that major topics be given a longer timeframe. A dialog will take place at the end of lectures. Round tables will also be organized.

Talks are planned to last 20 mns. PDF files are not mandatory but are appreciated. All provided PDFs will be published on-line after the meeting and will be used as references by the community.

If you are willing to hold a presentation, please send a message to [entreprises@rmll.info], along with a summary of your proposal. Also, feel free to forward this call to anyone you might know of, who is interested in holding such a talk.

As our financial resources are limited, transportation will be funded only for those who won’t be refunded by their employer. Note, though, that there are no registration fees and that low-cost accomodation is available on site.

The coordinators of the "Business & Corporate" theme are Benjamin Poussin and Erwan de Ferrières