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Call for Presentation concerning the "Libre resources and software for scientific research" topic of the 10th Libre Software Meeting (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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Knowledge sharing and free access to the methods used are necessary to scientific works (reproductivity, refutability…). The free software movement (conceptualized in college laboratories) has transposed those principles into software development and data production through a particular use of copyright. Hence, it seems normal that scientists are users and developers of those free software and resources, their research work auxiliaries.

The topic “Libre resources and software for scientific research” aims at discovering free software and resources existing nowadays and used for scientific research. LSM is one of the few events where people from the different communities (developers, researchers, scientists, engineer and users) can meet and ashare their experiences with the available tools.

This year, we plan to focus especially on three faces of Free software in sciences :

  • free scientific resources : dictionaries and thesaurus, predictive models, geographic databases, taxon databases, etc. If you created such databases, or if you use them in your research, we are interested !
  • free software for biology
  • free software for linguistic and computational linguistic.

Beyond those topics, any experience linking free software and sciences (from sociology to chemistry through history, mathematics or astronomy) is welcome. Migration in a laboratory from a non-free piece of software or resource, to a free equivalent is interesting too.

We would like to highlight presented software, so obviously, developers are expected to talk for them. However, we would really like to welcome feedbacks from researchers as users of those software, presenting why they chose this particular software, its drawbacks and benefits for the research made. Short presentations about free software uses in a particular scientific field will also be very welcomed.

The LSM is an excellent opportunity for developers and researchers to gather in a common place in order to discuss and work together. Thus, researchers and developers interested in organizing such a meeting may contact us. We can provide rooms and help you managing the meeting in terms of logistic.

We besides suggest you to check the calls for presentations of the parallel scientific meetings already scheduled :

You are invited to also consult the call for speak of a copartner event of the LSM 2009 : the International OpenSource Geospatial Research Symposium, that will take place from July 7th to 9th.

Details for speakers

English is the expected language for the lectures of the topic though (if nobody objects in the audience) some talks might be in French with at least the slides in English.

Talks are expected to last 20 minutes. PDF version of the lecture are not mandatory but would be very appreciated (archived online after the event, they are a very appreciated resource for the community as a whole).

If you are considering coming and submitting a talk, please send us as soon as possible an email at the following address : sciences@rmll.info with an English summary of your talk and a short presentation of the lecturer (please also send a French summary if you can, but if not, we will translate the English one).

Feel free to send this announcement wherever or to whom you feel it is relevant (but beware of spamming people).

We have very limited funding for the travels (only for speakers that cannot be refunded by the institution they belong to) but there are no registration fees for the conference and very low cost housing is organised on the site.

The RMLL 2009 team of volunteers organising the “Libre resources and software for scientific research” topic : Frédéric Lehobey, Valérie-Emma Leroux and Fabien Poulard with the collaboration of Jean-Marie Favreau, Étienne Loks and Jean Thiéry.