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Call For Presentation : "Health" Theme Of The 10th LSM (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The Libre Software Meeting is a yearly event occuring in July in France since year 2000. The 2009 edition will take place in Nantes, 7-11th, July

This is a call for communication for the "Health" theme of LSM. Other themes can be found here : http://2009.rmll.info/.

Health-care actors are interested in free tools. Of course, all-purpose free solutions are already part of the day to day practice, office automation and operating systems being two examples. Did you know that Blender is often used for dental implant operations ? But there are other software that are health-care specific, like Med’in Tux for medical practice management, or le Gral for health network management. This theme focuses on presenting these solutions and on the use of general purpose free tools by medical personel. The patients personal data management question is also part of this theme.

Any health-care actor willing to show-case any specific tool, to bring some feedback about the use of free solutions, general purpose of specific are more than welcome. Feel free to apply by emailing to rmll2009 @ bernard-putz.net a short summary of your talk or lecture until March, 2nd 2009.

The "Health" theme will take place during one day and a half, on tuesday July 7th afternoon and wednesday.

Very short 10 min lectures will be hold before hands-on workshops during which lecturers will help attendees discover the tools.

As our financial resources are limited, transportation will be funded only for those who won’t be refunded by their employer or organization. Note, though, that there are no registration fees and that low-cost accomodation is available on site.

Theme coordinator : Chantal Bernard-Putz