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Call For Presentation For The Theme " Computer Graphics And Printing" Of The 10th LSM (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The Libre Software Meeting is a yearly event occuring in July in France since year 2000. The 2009 edition will take place in Nantes, 7-11th July

This is a call for communication for the "Computer Graphics And Printing" theme of LSM. Other themes can be found here : http://2009.rmll.info/.

While copyright protects creators, it also encourages creation through the share of ideas. Currently, computer use is mandatory, at least in the area of commercial creation. By encouraging the right to create and to share one’s creation, free software brings a real potential, without any dependance from any publisher.

The "Computer Graphics And Printing" theme values free software used for graphic creations. We also aim at establishing relationships between the different actors so that we can share our experiences or our ideas. This way, we’ll help building a real users community.

While we emphasize on the solutions free software can offer to the printing business, other areas of 2D and 3D creation are welcome in the game.

This is why developers, contributors and users are welcome to tell us what use they have of what software. For practical reasons, French and English are the preferred languages.

To the speakers

Talks are planned to last 30 mns + 10 mns dialog with the audience. Short lectures (15 mns + 5 mns dialog with the audience) can be planned in order to report recent news. PDF files are not mandatory but are appreciated. All provided PDFs will be published on-line after the meeting and will be used as references by the community.

If you are willing to hold a conference, please send a message to [cedric.gemy@gmail.com], along with a summary of your lecture in the language of your choice. Also, feel free to forward this call to anyone you might know of, who is interested in holding such a talk.

As our financial resources are limited, transportation will be funded only for those who won’t be refunded by their employer. Note, though, that there are no registration fees and that low-cost accomodation is available on site.

The volunteers team which organizes the "Computer Graphics And Printing" theme : Cédric Gémy, André Pascual and Louis Desjardins.