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Call For Presentation For The "Gaming" Theme Of The 10th LSM (Nantes, France, July 2009)

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The Libre Software Meeting is a yearly event occuring in July in France since year 2000. The 2009 edition will take place in Nantes, 7-11th, July

This is a call for communication for the "Gaming" theme of LSM. Other themes can be found here : http://2009.rmll.info/.

Free software, as a part of gaming software, is already providing developers a wealth of tools, material and news. This is yet another area where GNU way of thought brings a difference, a break.

The rules of thousand of games have always been "free", just like cooking recipes. There’s no copyright holder on poker, football, chess. Everyone can play, study, implement his or her ideas about card games, strategy games, games of skill or role games.

As a way of thinking — the GNU that stands before Linux — free software exists within digital space for more than 10 years. It transformed concepts ans organizations that structure our lives in many areas.

For that gaming matter, if to code is some kind of a game, then change, distribution, and contribution is much more than playing. Gaming culture, communication, art and technique borderlines have been virtualized. What should we think about these new ways of playing and behaving ? What about the vision a gaming public licence can bring ? How to start programming, what are the main development platforms, their members and their history ? How to play and take part to communication and social games ? We’ll try and answer all of these questions and show, through example and practice, how rich the current free gaming approach is.

To the speakers

Talks are planned to last 20 mns. PDF files are not mandatory but are appreciated. All provided PDFs will be published on-line after the meeting and will be used as references by the community.

If you are willing to hold a presentation, please send a message to bretzel@apo33.org, along with a summary of your lecture or talk. Also, feel free to forward this call to anyone you might know of, who is interested in holding such a talk.

As our financial resources are limited, transportation will be funded only for those who won’t be refunded by their employer or organization. Note, though, that there are no registration fees and that low-cost accomodation is available on site.

The volunteer managing the "Gaming" theme is : Jean-François Rolez (aka bretzel)