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Around The Tertre Campus

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The Tertre campus is close to the La Bourgeonnière Halls of Residence. The campus is also to be the place for the LSM night events (aka “Nocturnes”).

The Longchamps racecourse is situated along the Tertre campus. You’ll find several sport grounds right in the middle of the tracks (rugby, baseball, football). These sport grounds can be freely used. You’ll have fun improvising games with other attendees !

Between the campus and the racecourse (right along the SUAPS sports hall), a large grass field is also available for picnics, naps or group discussions.

A few bars and cafés are also situated at the campus limits, but you’ll find a much wider choice downtown.

The NGE complex is a group of amenities with swimming pool, bowling, golf and camping. The Nantes’ penguins go there during the hot days of summer.